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The Netherlands, which is famous all over the world for its beauty and museums, where the harmony of all the colors in its country is alive and the harmony of all the colors in its cities reveals a magnificent meaning!More than 20 million tourists in the province travel to Hollandia and experience unforgettable moments. In addition, business events are held in every country without interruptions. If you want to travel to Hollandia and see your work, and if you want to explore this beautiful country, you can apply for a Dutch business visa. When you apply for a business visa, you can read detailed information about the foreign visa and general visa procedure that you will need.

Netherlands Visa Types

To realize your temporary trip to the Netherlands, which is one of the Schengen countries, you can apply for the Netherlands Schengen visa and obtain the visa. The reasons for applying for this type of visa can be tourism, visiting family or friends, business trip, medical examination or treatment, short-term study, exchange programs and many other non-permanent nuances. If you want to study in the Netherlands for a long-term period of more than 90 days (such as bachelor's, master's, doctorate, etc.) or work permanently in an institution located here, apply for a Dutch national visa if you have official invitations or acceptance letters from those educational and work institutions.

You apply for the "business visa" type of the Netherlands Schengen visa to realize your short-term business trip. Note that a short-term business visa does not give you the right to work permanently in the Netherlands, this visa is provided for you to carry out your own business trip.

Netherlands Schengen Visa

Like other Schengen countries, the Netherlands Schengen visa is available in single-entry and multiple-entry types. You can also apply for long-term visas, i.e. three-month, six-month, one-year, two-year or five-year visas. Once you have obtained the Netherlands Schengen visa, you can enter any Schengen country of your choice during your trip. However, in any case, we recommend that you make your first entry into the Schengen area from the country where you received your visa, i.e. the Netherlands. Otherwise, if you try to re-enter the Schengen area with a Dutch visa, if you do not mention it during your visa application, the border service of that country may turn you back and deny you entry, although in rare cases. This experience has been experienced in some cases and therefore we advise you to avoid this risk.

If you are applying for a Dutch Schengen visa, you must indicate the maximum number of days you will be staying in the Netherlands during your trip.

Collection of Documents for Netherlands Schengen Visa Application

When applying for a Netherlands Schengen visa, you must submit the following documents:

Original and copy of the first page of your foreign passport
Copies of your previous visas and entry-exit stamps, if applicable
A copy of your identity card
Reference from the place of work* and, if applicable, an extract from the salary card (for persons studying, a reference from the educational institution) Bank account statement and statement in your name (Amount is detailed below)
Copies of extracts* of properties in your name and a copy of your car's passport, if applicable
Proof of your marital status* (copy of your marriage certificate if you are married, birth certificates if you have children under 18 or divorce certificate if your marriage has broken down)
2 pieces of 3.5x4.5 size, biometric and your photo on a white background
Airline reservations you make for your trip
Hotel reservations you made for your trip
Schengen-compliant travel insurance that will fully cover your trip
Application form filled in English
A printed version of the document issued from the system on confirmation of appointment
A formal invitation letter for the business institution, event or meeting you are going to

Documents marked with "*" must be submitted to the embassy in English. If you have obtained the original document in Azerbaijani rather than in English, in this case, each of these documents must be translated into English and certified by a notary and submitted to the embassy.

If you do not have the original of the invitation letter, you can submit a scanned version to the embassy in printed form. The invitation letter must have the signature and seal of the institution that invited you. Also, on the invitation letter, the name of the invited person, that is, your name, and additionally, if possible, your date of birth, passport number, and travel dates must be mentioned. If your place of stay is organized by the institution that invited you, in this case, you may not include a hotel reservation in your documents if the address of your stay is mentioned in the invitation letter sent to you.

It should be noted that in our experience, it has been seen that in most cases, in addition to the certificate from the workplace, the French embassy, which applied for a Dutch visa, also requested an extract from the government portal from the people who applied for the first visa. After your documents have been accepted, in any case, during your visa procedure, you may receive a call from the embassy and you may be asked to submit new documents. Although in rare cases, during the visa procedure, the French embassy requires the applicants to purchase the hotels they have booked and submit the documents confirming this to the embassy.

The amount in your bank account is based on the travel dates you have indicated, i.e. the length of your stay in Schengen, the price of the flight tickets and hotels you have booked, etc. varies depending. In general, it is recommended that you have at least AZN 3,000-5,000 in your bank account for a one-week trip (equivalent to Euros or US dollars). This amount should fully cover your travel plan. When calculating the amount, you can sum up the average daily cost of 70-80 euros for each day you indicate that you will stay in the Schengen area with the price of your ticket and hotel reservations, and expect a little higher than the figure you received.

If your expenses are covered by the institution that invited you, this must be mentioned in the invitation letter. In this case, you may not provide a statement from your bank account, but in any case it is advisable to show a small amount in your account in your name.

If you are an entrepreneur, you can submit the documents that will replace the certificate from the workplace (a copy of the TIN, a certificate issued by the Ministry of Taxes about your turnover, an extract from the register of your company) to the embassy. If you are not working, studying or in any case sponsoring another person to cover the costs of your trip, in this case a copy of that person's identity card, proof of employment (if self-employed, the documents listed above), proof of bank account and statement (this bank account can be both in your name and in the name of the sponsor), if you have a family bond, a document confirming this (for example, if it is a parent, your own birth certificate, if it is a brother or sister, both of your birth certificates, etc.) and a paper about sponsorship to the embassy must be presented. If the applicant is under 18 years of age, in this case, if he is traveling alone, a copy of the permission document to leave the country from both parents or, if he is traveling with one of the parents, must also be submitted during the visa application.

It should be noted that even if you submit documents such as TIN, turnover certificate from the Ministry of Taxes, your company's extract from the register or sponsorship paper, permission paper, you must have each of these documents translated and certified into English by a notary.

Visa Procedure

The application for the Netherlands Schengen visa is made at the Capago visa application center of the French Embassy. Due to the fact that the Dutch consulate is not active in our country, the decision on the visa is made by the consul in the consular department of the French embassy.

A visa appointment to submit documents is available online. An appointment is required to submit the documents. Visa application can be made no earlier than 6 months before the date of the trip. All applicants are required to be personally present when submitting documents, except for applicants who are exempt from fingerprinting.

Persons exempt from fingerprinting are divided into the following groups:

Persons who received a Schengen visa in the last 3 years and have a fingerprint in the system (except Czech visa)
Children under 12 years old
Persons who are physically unable to provide fingerprints;
Holders of a diplomatic or special passport and accredited to a diplomatic or consular post in the Netherlands
Diplomatic or consular personnel and their family members (spouse and dependent children) who will be assigned to an international organization with headquarters or representation in the Netherlands

The Schengen visa procedure may take 3-10 working days from the date of application.

Note that our experience shows that the French Embassy plans the duration of the visa procedure according to the start date of the trip. Applicants with closer travel dates also get their visa results sooner. However, the duration of the visa procedure does not depend only on this factor, the complexity of the case can also play a role here.

The visa fee is 35 euros. This amount can be paid in national currency, i.e. in manat in cash or by card in any currency. When submitting documents, in addition to the visa fee, 26 euros is paid as a service fee of the visa center. This payment can be made in cash only in manat or by card in any currency. The manat equivalent of the visa fee is adjusted by the embassy according to the exchange rate of the day.

The possibility of receiving a Schengen visa for the Netherlands

As with the visa application of any country, your chances of getting a visa in the Netherlands depend on the status of your profile. Your workplace and position are normal, your monthly income is in the standard salary range or higher (in experience, visas have been obtained for people with a monthly income in the range of 400-500 AZN, there have been many cases), you have enough money in your bank account to cover your entire trip, the nuances that bind you to the country Availability (property in your name, family and children) and a good travel history are factors that increase your chances of getting a Dutch Schengen visa. When applying for a business visa, the official letter of invitation you will present can increase your chances of getting a visa. If the purpose and reason for the trip stated in your invitation letter is related to your field of work or if you have made similar business trips before, these nuances will have a positive impact on your profile.

Visa support to the Netherlands

We, as a company, can help you during your Dutch Schengen visa application. If you use our visa support service, our service includes making an appointment on your behalf at the visa center, filling out your application form, professionally preparing your documents, and booking your flight tickets that will cover your trip. , will include booking or purchasing hotels according to your wishes, making travel insurance to cover your trip, consulting, following your visa procedure. Note that the travel insurance fee will be calculated in addition to our service fee. The insurance fee is usually in the range of 16-18 AZN for 1 week. You can get this insurance yourself. We can also assist you with notarizing and notarizing your documents into English. Additional fee for each document will be 16 AZN. In general, in our company, the Dutch Schengen business visa support service fee is 69 AZN per person.

You can click here to place your order, contact 050/55-3000135 for more information.

Live your happiest days in Holland, the land of happiness! Happy travels!

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