The Not-Do List in Southeast Asia

MARCH 2019, 28 1838
The Not-Do List in Southeast Asia

You can hear thousands of advice about where to go, what to do while traveling somewhere. But what things we should not do? It sounds weird, but every year hundreds of tourists have different problems just because of not to know local rules and traditions. In order not to come across with these kinds of problems, we put forth your rules you must obey in Southeast.

Asian Countries:
1. Don’t talk about monarchy and the royal family. Any opinion about these substances in these countries both can be reacted aggressively, also you can be fined with a very big amount.
2. Do not disrespect Gods. It does not matter which country, never disrespect or tease Gods or their religion in Southeast Asian Countries.
3. Do not touch people’s heads. Most countries in this region believe in Buddism and in Buddhist religion person’s head is sacred therefore hesitate to touch people’s heads.

  1. Do not point someone with your finger. This is considered as disrespect in most of the Asian countries.
  2. Do not enter with shoes to sacred places. This is a huge disrespect not only in Southeast Asia but also in most Asian countries.
  3. Do not wear inappropriate. Especially while entering temples or religious places you should attentively choose your clothes.

7.Food Sticks. It is considered a big disrespect pointing someone with food sticks also do not forget to place your sticks horizontal not vertical.