SEO Community Spotlight: Raleigh 30 July 2023 49 views 3 min. read
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History of SEO in Raleigh

Raleigh's SEO history can be traced back to one business: Websourced. It is believed that this was once among the world's most prominent digital marketing firms.  There were several brilliant SEOs, like Jenny Halasz, Andy Beal, Garrett French, Bob Misita, and numerous others, who worked there over 20 years ago. Another person who deserves special recognition is Ashley Berman Hale, who founded the Raleigh SEO Meetup, one of the first groups. She started it in 2008, managed it till she moved, and gave it to Phil Buckley in 2011. Frank Jones took up the monthly events after Phil until 2014. Frank also brought in Patrick Stox and JR Oakes to assist in running things. Although not the only group, Raleigh SEO Meetup has been the most influential and well-known.

SEO meetups

In Raleigh, there are different organizations, and over the years, they are maintained for members owing to some incredible sponsors. It's complex, though. Most such organizations in the U.S. have switched to a membership model and charge admission to the events. The effort to keep the lights on is constant. But we've been fortunate to have SEO enthusiasts who put in a lot of time and energy to make these events happen. In addition, there are a supply of skilled local speakers, a supportive community, and enough renown to attract more prominent speakers occasionally.

Raleigh SEO Meetup; 4,000 members; 250+ events; Founded in 2008 by Ashley Berman Hale; Currently run by Frank Jones and Patrick Stox The Raleigh SEO Meetup claims to be the most prosperous in the United States. At one point, we could draw 150–200 people or more to our monthly gatherings, so this was undoubtedly accurate. Over the years, we've used a variety of formats, including formal hangouts, live audits, SEO training sessions, lightning lectures, and discussion panels.  When things were well, we offered refreshments and had lovely event locations. We were in a cafe, a pub, or even a library when things were awful. After COVID-19, we attempted to return to live events but needed the appeal. Although we had some excellent speakers, the activities received little attention.  Attendees may have fallen out of the habit of attending or were unaware that we had resumed hosting the programs. We'll probably have to get back outside and keep going. But for now, we're still holding online events and sporadic lunchtime get-togethers. Triangle Marketing Club; 5,500+ members; 75+ events; Founded in 2015 by Chris Douglas and Cole Watts

Currently run by Chris Douglas

Although the group concentrates on topics other than SEO, much of its information is nevertheless helpful to SEOs. After COVID-19, Chris has struggled to get the group moving again. However, he continues each month, and the audience is now expanding again. Beer & SEO; 700+ members; 75+ events; Founded in 2008 as the RTP SEO Meetup; Relaunched by Rob Delory, JR Oakes, and Patrick Stox; Currently run by Rob Delory and Patrick Stox Before COVID, this organization was expanding, and we noticed 50+ attendees at a few gatherings. We never anticipated a sizable attendance because the material was always more advanced. Since COVID-19 struck, we haven't held an event for this group, but I believe it's about time we give it another shot. We are, however, alarmed by the attendance at the Raleigh SEO events and Triangle Marketing because they typically had a lot greater attendance.

SEO conferences

The longest-running event in Raleigh is the 2008-starting Digital Summit. Eric Gregg and Scott Hedrick, the founders, are from Raleigh. They hosted the series' premiere conference locally before the series was sold. This conference, which went by the name of Internet Summit, drew more than 2,500 marketers annually. There is also the Raleigh SEO Conference, which has less than 200 registrants and is substantially smaller. Another event that we haven't had since the epidemic is this one, but we could resume it next year. Over the years, other conferences, such as the Digital Marketers for Business (DMFB) meeting, are no longer held. When the globe stopped turning, a separate conference was in the works, and I'm still optimistic that it will proceed shortly. The network expands due to the influx of new SEOs, marketers, and company owners to the events. There are many sporadic get-togethers in addition to the events. Raleigh also appears to draw a sizable number of remote employees. Before and during the epidemic, it had one of the highest percentages of remote employees among large metro areas.  Raleigh is home to several excellent in-house SEOs, independent contractors, affiliates, and many well-known YouTubers. We have a large gaming community, presumably because Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite and Unreal Engine, are located just nearby in Cary, North Carolina. Mr. Beast, one of the best content producers in the world, was born and raised in Raleigh. He created Raleigh's downtown area in Minecraft a few years ago.

SEO companies

The Raleigh region is home to several excellent SEO businesses. Go Fish Digital, Hive Digital, and Locomotive are a few companies that often receive national SEO honors. Thanks to their Redirect Path plugin, Raleigh is home to Ayima, which many people may be familiar with. Three Ships is another business that merits mentioning. It expands businesses through partnerships. Additionally, it buys firms to develop them. It has a slight Red Ventures influence. Red Ventures has several workers in Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina, which is close by. Numerous outstanding businesses also serve more regional customers. Some of them have been in business for almost two decades. Despite being newer to the market, others have competent employees.