The place where you can replace fears with curiosity

MARCH 2019, 13 1472
The place where you can replace fears with curiosity
Japan is one of the most celebrated travel destinations in the world. It is a unique blend of traditional and modern style,  with many temples and buildings from the past co-existing with modern achievements in architecture and technology. More people visited Japan last year than ever before: 24.04 million, over the last three years, the number of visitors here has more than doubled. I listed the top five tourist attractions in Japan.
1. Disneyland
Tokyo is home to one of America’s biggest entertainment exports, with a Disneyland theme park located just east of the capital in Urayasu, Chiba. It opened in 1983 and was the first Disney theme park outside of the US.
2. Golden Pavilion
Kinkaku-ji or the Temple of the Golden Pavilion is the most well-known tourist attraction in Japan and Kyoto. Emphasis locates on the building and surrounding gardens being in harmony with one another. The pavilion is covered with a gold leaf,  which highlights the reflection of the pavilion in the pond and the pond’s reflection on the building.
3.Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan  (3,776 meters). The volcano’s exceptionally symmetrical cone is a well-known symbol of Japan and it is frequently depicted in art and photographs, as well as a popular tourist attraction for sightseers and climbers. According to an estimation, 200,000 people climb Mount Fuji every year, 30% of whom are foreigners.  Actually, the ascent takes anywhere between three and eight hours while the descent takes from two to five hours.
4. Todaiji Temple
Founded originally in the 8th century, Todaiji Temple is one of the oldest buildings existing in Japan. The temple is the best known for the world’s largest Buddha
5. Hiroshima
Hiroshima, located on Honshu Island, is younger than many Japanese cities, less than 500 years old, but its fate was forever sealed in history on August 6, 1945,
when it became the first city in the world to have an atomic bomb dropped on it. Thus, the city’s attractions center on peace: Peace Park, Peace Memorial, and Peace
Memorial Museum. The city also has attractions that invoke more pleasant thoughts, such as Hiroshima Castle and the sunken garden of Shukkein-en.
Author: Fidan Tahirova